Blue Cross – Animals of WW1

To kick-start our new unit of work around WW1, we had a fascinating visit from a Blue Cross representative called Helen. Helen told us all about the bravery of many animals during the war, including some unbelievable survival stories! Have you heard about the pigeon – Cher Ami – who saved the lives of 200 American soldiers?


Peer Reading Power!

After undertaking special training in peer tutoring, (and being awarded with fancy certificates!) Year 6 have been supporting their Year 4 peers in strategies for successful reading. We have been looking closely at some reciprocal reading skills needed to unpick tricky texts, including: summarising, visualisation, word definition, asking questions to interrogate the text and making predictions! This week we’ve completed a study of Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches,’ and we can’t wait to read more!

Teaching is the highest form of understanding,” – Aristotle. 

Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Year 4 and Year 6 were excited to find lots and lots of ‘mystery’ books in their classroom on World Book Day.

The books had been parcelled up in wrapping paper so we couldn’t see what we were reading. Instead of judging whether we would like to read a book based on its cover, we decided to read the first page of each text to see if we would like to read on!

We read lots of different openings and we all had very different opinions. After we’d finally decided on our favourite extract – we got to unwrap the surprise book and find our next read!